The Paper Needle...The story behind the name.

“The Paper Needle” is the name of our shop, business and blog. We are a mother-daughter team. I'm Fer (daughter) an Illustrator with a degree in Fine Arts. And my mom, Annie, is an embroidery, pattern making and sewing lover. Our products and prints are lovingly handcrafted in our workshop. 

Why did we choose to name it “The Paper Needle” you may ask yourself....
Well, we chose 2 materials we both use in our projects. Annie has been using embroidery and sewing needles practically all her life, like all the woman in our family have done for generations. 

While I studied Art I became interested in Textile Art and Etching and so I became acquainted with other types of needles... larger, thicker and stronger needles made to be used with thicker threads and yarns. And for etching on metal plates I used a thick large needle used for sewing mattresses!

Paper is another common material in our projects. Needless to say everyone of our projects starts on a piece of paper to be taken further as a watercolor or a pattern for a stuffed toy. Paper plays a vital role in everyone of our projects even when it  is not apparent in the final product.

We hope you enjoy our shop, products and blog stories. Thank you!

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